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My first contact with homeopathy was around 1998. At that time, I was with a homeopath for the first time with my son, who was constantly suffering from otitis media and pseudo croup. The word alone was difficult to pronounce, and therapy was completely alien to me. Nevertheless, after countless doctor visits and antibiotics, it seemed worth a try.

The homeopath questioned us and then gave my son globules. I was amazed at the exact questioning and the time he had taken for us. What amazed me even more was the effect. It was just amazing what the 2 doses of globules did to my son.

He hasn't had a middle ear infection or pseudo croup ever since. His complaints were gone, just like that, all of a sudden. Amazingly smooth and efficient. After that, homeopathy was an indispensable part of our health care. 

This impressed me so much that I decided to complete the 4.5 year intensive training at SHI. I wanted to be able to help people as effectively as this homeopath had helped my son.

Today, over twenty years after my first contact with homeopathy, I can do just that - and it makes me incredibly happy.

I am a homeopath - out of love for people and their health.

I would be delighted to be able to accompany and advise you on your way to health 

Training and annual advanced training









  • Seminar on treating long-covid homeopathically, at the SHI in Zug

  • Passed the Federal Higher Professional Examination in Homeopathy .

  • Mind Flow Academy, training to become a practitioner and expert

  • Seminar on long-term consequences of Covid 19 , at the SHI in Zug

  • Menstrual cramps seminar at the SHI in Zug

  • Seminar Geriatrics in Homeopathy at the SHI in Zug

  • Seminar on mental illnesses in children at the SHI in Zug

  • Seminar treatment of children with disabilities at the SHI in Zug

  • Seminar Burnout and Depression at the SHI in Zug

  • Seminar treatment of infertility in men and women at the SHI in Zug

  • Seminar on cancer at the SHI in Zug

  • Seminar sleep disorders at the SHI in Zug

  • Seminar ulcerative colitis and other intestinal complaints at the SHI in Zug




  • Seminar on epilepsy at the SHI in Zug

  • Study for dipl. Homeopath hfnh at the SHI in Zug


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