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Karin Kressibucher

dipl. Homeopath hfnh

Date of birth

May 23, 1969

civil status


1 son and 1 daughter, both adults


Golfing, cake baking, handicrafts, reading


German English

About me

I was born in Zurich and grew up in the city and in the Zurich Oberland. After primary school I did my apprenticeship as a dipl. med. Laboratory assistant at the Männedorf District Hospital.

Love then carried me to Zug, where I worked for many years in the laboratory at the Cantonal Hospital in Zug. Two children enrich my life and were also the reason for my first contact with homeopathy. Professionally, I continued to work part-time in various laboratories. But homeopathy would not let go until I made the decision to do the intensive studies at the SHI in Zug . One of the best decisions of my life and I am still grateful to the fact that the late Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus to have been taught.

curriculum vitae

September 2021

09.2015 - 09.2021

04.2011 - 07.2015

06/2010 - 08/2015

10/2008 - 05/2010

10/2007 - 09/2008

06.2003 - 08.2007

1990 - 2003

08.1990 - 08.1999

04.1989 - 07.1990

04.1986 - 04.1989


Opening of my practice my Globuli on the village square in Cham

Homeopathy in the Städtli , group practice with my colleague Vanessa Gretener.

Training at the SHI in Zug as a dipl. Homeopath hfnh

The training included various internships with doctors and homeopaths as well as a 3-week internship at the Shri Kamaxidevi Homeopathic Hospital in Goa

Labor am Zugersee (veterinary laboratory) part-time work

Trichema AG in Baar, GMP responsible for hygiene and microbiological monitoring

Microbiology University Hospital Zurich, temporary position for one year at 30%

Laboratory Polytest, microbiology 30% workload

Voluntary position in the secretariat and later presidium of the pro juventute Zug.

Temporary 20% in the village shop

Temporary job in a gift shop

Laboratory Kantonsspital Zug

Laboratory Kreisspital Männedorf

Training to become a dipl. med. Laboratory assistant at the Männedorf District Hospital

including a 7-month internship in the microbiology of the animal hospital in Zurich


Our health is the most important thing, so take care of it.

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