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Beige Home-Accessoires
Beige Home-Accessoires


Fever is a natural reaction of the body to inflammation because the bacteria and viruses cannot withstand the higher temperatures. Therefore it does not make sense to suppress the fever. You disturb the body's own immune reaction.
If you have a fever, it is important to rest in bed and drink enough fluids. Check the temperature again and again and contact a specialist if the fever persists.
If you want to lower your body temperature a bit, I recommend calf wraps .

You can print out the pdf of the wraps





  • Cold: nasal rinsing, nasal spray with sea salt or inhalation. Flaxseed pads help with pain in the forehead or maxillary sinus area. If the pain persists, please contact a specialist

  • Earache: Protect the ears from drafts with a wool pad or cotton wool. Onion wrap , potato toppings, nasal drops with saline solution alleviate the symptoms.  

  • Cough: Drink a lot, for example mallow tea, breast tea or cough tea, potato wraps or linseed toppings

  • Sore throat: Gargle with sage tea or salt water, drink enough ginger and honey tea, for example. A cool quark wrap is often very beneficial. 

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Abdominal discomfort

  • Nausea: Ginger tea, or ginger water, peppermint tea for stomach cramps, gas or nausea. Chamomile tea for inflammation or abdominal cramps, potato compresses for abdominal cramps, abdominal pain  

  • Diarrhea: Take 1-2 teaspoons of healing clay or a charcoal tablet, this has an absorbent effect. Take bioflorin or other intestinal flora-building preparations as well as a slow and gentle diet. To build up electrolytes and to supply fluid, take the three-thirds of the solution in sips. 

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