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Can I get homeopathic treatment if I have already been to the doctor and have to take medication?

Can I get homeopathic treatment if I have already seen a doctor and have to take medication? 
Yes of course! Homeopathy starts at a completely different point than conventional medicine, the therapies have a complementary effect. The goal is always to help the patient and contribute to recovery. The most important thing is that he feels completely comfortable.
If the condition improves, it makes sense to talk to the doctor about stopping the medication. Finally, under no circumstances should the patient be under long-term medication. However, this cannot be done with all medications, which is why it is essential to consult a doctor. 

How long does the homeopathic treatment last? 

Contrary to many prejudices, I can say that homeopathy works quickly. For example, in the case of severe nausea, the right medicine triggers relaxation in the stomach in the mouth and the nausea is gone within minutes. In the case of chronic and longstanding complaints, this takes longer. Homeopathy is not magic and the complaints that you have had for a long time are not gone at the push of a button. You have to give the body the time it needs to heal.  How long the treatment lasts depends on the symptoms. The first anamnesis takes about an hour, the follow-up consultations between 15-30 minutes. How often these are necessary is very individual and is always decided in consultation with the patient. 

Is there always an initial deterioration in homeopathic treatment? 

No, not necessarily. In the case of acute complaints such as nausea, fever, sore throat, headache, etc., the already stressed organism should not suffer further. Homeopathy helps quickly and without worsening. However, if someone comes who has suffered from complaints for years, the old complaints can flare up again for a short time. But this is not the same for all patients either. That is why the accompaniment of an experienced homeopath is important. This monitors the healing process and initiates measures if the condition worsens. 

Will the health insurance companies cover the costs? 

I am recognized as a homeopath by all health insurances. How much the health insurance companies pay you depends on your supplementary insurance.
Please inquire primarily with your insurance company.
The MindFlow sessions are not reimbursed by the health insurance companies. 

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