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What is MindFlow?

In short: energy work. MindFlow is a coaching approach through which pent-up energies, which usually show up in the form of blockages, are released and get flowing again. This frees up energy and some long-lasting problems and complaints disappear by themselves. Already a few minutes after the session, the client will feel a significant change.

The client's environment will also quickly adapt to the changed energy state, old burdens become less  important, existing problems gain momentum and new things come into life. The client often feels liberated - more energetic, healthier and more authentic.  

 MindFlow session can work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level at the same time. 


For whom ist Mind flow suitable?

For adults who are ready to develop. You probably know the feeling when you want to develop, and you get the same problems again and again but get stuck. With MindFlow you can overcome these blockages and use the released energy sensibly and thus progress in life.  

With MindFlow it is irrelevant whether the client knows which topic is behind the accumulated energy. The body system itself always shows what can be dissolved right now.  

The price per session for all MindFlow Experts is a uniform CHF 399.-


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