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my globuli- my homeopathy

If you are reading these lines, you are already looking for an alternative method to conventional medicine. A natural method for you or your children taking a different approach.
in homeopathy, the focus is on you as an individual- not the disease
We humans are all different - in our appearance, our expression, our impressions, the past and our current living environment. We are all unique in our own way. Homeopathy pays attention to this individuality.
Homeopathy relies on the body's own resources, on the power of self-healing. Sometimes this power is weakened a little and no longer works as it should. 
Homeopathy means taking care of your entire body's health - and is therefore not to be confused with esotericism.
And it works! In case of acute infections and chronic or recurring discomfort al well as psychological complaints such as mood swings, irritability, sadness and depression. It works for babies, children, adults and severely debilitated patients.
The life force - in cooperation witch the body's resources - is able to heal all this.
Homeopathy is an attitude, a kind of lifestyle.
It isignifies deciding whether to  strengthen your body's health or to seek  therapy elsewhere.


Why should you come to me?

Naturally, there are many good homeopaths. The most important thing for an efficient treatment is that you trust your therapist. Choose a homeopath who makes you feel at ease and well taken care of.


So why should you come to me for homeopathic treatments?


  Because I accept you - with all your characteristics, your complaints, your worries and fears - just the way you are. Because I do not judge, but embrace the individuality of each and every one of my patients. Whether you are vaccinated or not, big or small, chubby or slim is of no importance to me. You are a human being and I welcome you.


For me, the patient - as a unique human being - is the center of attention. My goal is to help him or her with homeopathy in a gentle and effective way. 


In mutual respect and trust, an incredible energy that is crucial for healing arises.


I am there for you. 

Yours, Karin Kressibucher 

The treatment

When you come to me for the first time, I will take what is known as an initial anamnesis. We get to know each other and - if it's right for you - I'll start with questions about your complaints and your person. For this session you will have to calculate an hour.
afterwards, I evaluate all the information - this is called repertorisation. I do some further research, compare your complaints with other cases and finally determine which of the remedies best suits you. I will then send you the globules, or sometimes drops.
In the follow-up visit, which takes place a few weeks later, we discuss the changes and how you have felt in the past few weeks.
This session lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. Depending on the situation, I will prescribe you another medicine and, if necessary, we will arrange another check-up appointment.
There is no rule how often you should come to see me. We will determine this together and it depends on your complaints and your condition.
Acute complaints should be relieved as quickly as possible so that you suffer as little as possible. Pain is a warning signal from the body and indicates that the vital force is no longer in balance. With the homeopathic substance we strengthen this power so that it can heal the body again.
In the case of acute complaints such as sore throat, cough, earache etc., you have to calculate about 15 minutes. I concentrate exclusively on the complaint, do an examination - if necessary - and give you the globules.

The Homöopathie

Homeopathy was discovered, not invented, by the German physician Dr Samuel Hahnemann. He observed that the substance, which causes similar symptoms in healthy people as the disease itself, gives the body the impulse to heal.

He undertook further research and noticed that these substances, diluted and potentised, develop a stronger power. His detailed records form the framework of classical homeopathy. 

One of the most important principles is individuality. 

Every patient is different and shows their symptoms individually. Like in the picture next - millions of stones and yet, each and every one is different. 

Another principle is to use the smallest possible amount of medicine. In classical homeopathy, the rule is: as little as possible - but as much as necessary.  

Our body knows what it has to do.

We all possess the power to heal ourselves. We cut our finger and our body organises the entire healing process on its own, from the blood clotting to healing the individual layers of skin. 

In homeopathy, we strengthen this power so that the body can heal and balance itself

Homeopathy can help with psychological complaints such as mood swings, depression, irritability, sadness etc. as well as with sleep disorders, gastrointestinal complaints, headaches and acute ailments such as sore throat, cough, nausea and much more. 

Someone who is prone to tonsillitis can either choose to take antibiotics regularly - or use homeopathy to strengthen their body to the point where they are no longer susceptible to it. That is the goal of this method. 


Lisa Becker

Directions and address 

  • By car you will find the Lorze car park in the middle of Cham, from which you can easily get to the entrance to Dorfplatz 4, right from the underground car park. There on the 2nd floor and then you are already there.

  • With public transport, the "Cham Gemeindehaus" bus stop is right in front of the building and the Cham train station is only a 5-minute walk away. 

my Globuli

Praxis f. Homeoopathie

Dorfplatz  4

6330  Cham 

041 781 08 08  


Thank you very much! I will be in touch shortly.

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